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Website Design

Website Design Services by Kathleen’s Graphics
Website Design Services by Kathleen's Graphics

A website is your first, and many times your only form of exposure for your company, product or idea. Your website needs to be bold, dynamic, it needs to stand out from all of the other template-based sites. It needs to be able to creatively express visually what you are offering in an eye-catching, appealing, user-friendly way.

Websites also NEED to be mobile compatible, meaning responsive – they move and alter their look and feel depending on the size of the computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device the customer is using. Having a mobile compatible website assures you higher rankings on Google. Also, having an SSL certificate, appropriately installed will also help your ranking, plus it will show your customers that you take security of their data as a top priority. Whether you have an e-commerce website or not, SSL is an important aspect to secure your website. Also, having a firewall on your server to keep your website from being hacked – I do that too.

I do search engine optimization, I make sure your keywords and/pr keyword phrases are implemented and appropriately placed on all of your pages. I work hard to follow the ever changing rules for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines so your website can be found and crawled by Google.

If you want a beautiful, unique, creative and interactive website, then contact Kathleen’s Graphics.

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From a simple informational website to an interactive booking site. Sell products in an e-commerce website. Showcase your artwork with photo galleries.Having classes, assign events and get people to signup. Collect email addresses to send out newsletters.

Fully custom, 100% unique and creative website design. To showcase your service, company or product. Stand out from your competition. make yourself known. Declare what you do with imagery and use the SEO practices to get found on the internet search engines.

A website that works JUST for Google doesn’t work for your clients. A website designed JUST for your viewer doesn’t work for Google. Hire a web and graphic designer to give you the best of both worlds.

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