Custom Poetry

To write out a poem, is easy for me, they roll through my fingers as quick as can be.
So to set out a price seems crazy and hard, which is why I’m including them in any gift card.
But if you just need a poem for any old day, and would like to ask me how much you should pay,
All I can tell you is it’s up to you, whatever it’s worth, is what will be due.
If you don’t like your poem don’t pay a thing, but if you do like your poem then high praises do sing.
For word of mouth is worth more than a dollar, so if you need a poem, please give me a holler!

Be Great - A Poem inspired by "The Painting" an award winning book by author Kathleen J. Shields

Be Great – A Poem inspired by “The Painting” an award winning book by author Kathleen J. Shields

Angels are Mothers – This poem has been published multiple times and shared around the world for decades. Originally written for my mom on Mother’s Day, she is now an Angel who watches over me.

Teacher Appreciation Poems

I can write a custom poem for any theme of your choosing.

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Miscellaneous Poetry

Holidays, birthdays, condolence, friendship, inspiration, and fun.

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I’ve been writing custom poetry for decades and have even posted some of my older poems here: