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Author Services

Book Cover Creation, Interior Formatting, Website Design, Social Media Presence – I know how to do it because I am an author too!

Author Services by Kathleen's Graphics author Kathleen J. Shields

Author Services by Kathleen's Graphics author Kathleen J. Shields

As a published author of more than 25 books, I have a unique point of view when it comes to being an author. Having done all of the writing, interior design and formatting, book cover creation, marketing, publicity, book trailers and print media myself, I feel comfortable offering author services to the general public. I have designed many book covers for an array of authors. Worked with various publishing houses. I’ve created websites for dozens of authors, setup blogs and social media platforms, connecting it all together for easier management, using their brand across all platforms and I have done a whole lot more for myself. Learn more about my books….

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Author Services: What I can offer you:

♦ Book Layout

Galley Creation

Interior Formatting

E-book creation

♦ Table of Contents

♦ Press Release Writing

♦ Article Submissions

♦ Social Media Set-up

♦ Social Media Marketing

♦ Book Trailer Videos

♦ Graphic Design

♦ Book Cover Creation

Website Creation

Business Cards




♦ Banners

♦ Posters



Book Cover Designs:

Yes, many of these books are mine – and you can see how I roll. I want bold, colorful, eye-catching designs because the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may not be the right thing to do – but it is still true today! You also want a book cover that is going to stand out online with a 2″ thumbnail. Does your cover do that?

Author & Publisher Website Portfolio:

If you need a website to showcase your new book, you will want something that helps you stand out! You want your fans to go to your website and say wow and stay there a while. You want them to read your blurb, follow your blog, link to your social media accounts and purchase your book – or leave you a review. You need a website that is interactive and connected, and I can do that for you.

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