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Author Services

Author Services, Book Cover Creation, Interior Formatting, Website Design, Social Media Presence – I know how to do it because I too am an author!

Author Services by Kathleen's Graphics author Kathleen J. Shields

Author Services by Kathleen's Graphics author Kathleen J. Shields

As a published author of more than 24 books, I have a unique view-point when it comes to being an author. Having done all of the writing, interior design and formatting, book cover creation, marketing, publicity, book trailers and print media myself, I feel comfortable offering author services to the general public. I have designed many book covers for authors. Worked with a various publishing houses. I’ve created websites for dozens of authors. I have setup blogs and social media platforms, connecting it all together for easier management, using their brand across all platforms and I have done a whole lot more for myself. Learn more about my books….

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Author Services: What I can offer you:

Book Layout

Galley Creation

Interior Formatting

E-book creation

♦ Table of Contents

Press Release Writing

Article Submissions

Social Media Set-up

Social Media Marketing

Book Trailer Videos

Graphic Design

♦ Book Cover Creation

Website Creation

Business Cards




♦ Banners

♦ Posters



Book Cover Designs:

Yes, many of these books are mine – and you can see how I roll. I want bold, colorful, eye-catching designs because the old adage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” may not be right – but it is still true today! You also want a book cover that is going to stand out online with a 2″ thumbnail. Does your cover do that?

Author & Publisher Website Portfolio:

If you need a website to showcase your new book, you will want something that helps you stand out! You want your fans to go to your website and say wow and stay there a while. You want them to read your blurb, follow your blog, link to your social media accounts and purchase your book – or leave you a review. You need a website that is interactive and connected, and I can do that for you.

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